Unleash Your Wild Side with Aigle’s Quality Clothing for the Whole Family

Quality clothing and gear are important for your daily family life to keep warm and dry. Agile has come up with top quality rubber products that not only last for a long time but also are attractive and comfortable. Such clothing products are even more vital during autumn, winter, or when you are traveling to keep warm during your time outside the country. Aigle, a clothing brand located in France, provides the best clothing for the whole family this autumn, including men, women, and children. The brand has something for everyone and offers many amazing clothing items such as rain jackets, gloves, boots, raincoats, waterproof bags, waterproof vests, and many more, making it a top-class clothing brand.

Introducing the “French But Wild” Campaign

Agile Clothing brand has launched a new and amazing campaign called “French But Wild,” which brings a new aspect to such products. The movie in the post shows the very first TV commercial clip for the new autumn collection. This collection is designed to meet your family’s needs, young and old, for this coming autumn. On the site, you can browse easily by either “Man,” “Women,” or “Children” in the top menu, making the selection process easy and user-friendly. The campaign brings us an exciting contest that started on October 3, 2016, at 9:00 am and ended Saturday, October 8, at 23:59. All information about the contest can be found on Aigle’s Instagram.

Amazing Rewards for the Winners

The best part is that the 2 winners will get amazing rewards in the form of airline tickets to different corners of the world with some cool destinations, with a total value of 2,000 euros!

    • Toronto – CANADA
    • Salvador – Brazil
    • Bali – Indonesia
    • Buenos Aires – Argentina

Don’t Miss the Chance to Win

So don’t miss the chance to be one of these winners who will be able to travel to new destinations around the world. As in the campaign movie, you too can make the world a natural playground where you can explore new places, enjoy nature, and above all, enjoy quality clothing. This inspirational movie shows the eagle at the end grabbing the ball and flying away, which is another great inspiration to go out there and enjoy the world and is representing the Eagle Collections since 1853.

How to Participate in the Campaign?

Participation is easy. Simply follow the @Aiglefr account, then comment post-relay of the film stating your preferred destination among those featured in the video.

The Importance of Quality Gear Clothing

It is important that you purchase quality gear clothing not only for comfort but also for the assurance that it will do its work in providing warmth when far from home. You can follow the current collection on Aigle’s Instagram, so you are up to date with what the new collections have to offer you and your family for your holiday!

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