Revolutionizing Travel: How Proper Training for Travel Agents Can Make All the Difference

Travel agents

The Increase in Travel Agents

It’s no secret that the number of travel agents is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, many of these new agents don’t know what the actual work entails and term themselves travel agents.

Helsinki and Tourismus & Congress Frankfurt’s Initiative

Helsinki and Tourismus & Congress Frankfurt have stepped up to train these travel agents to increase the number of visitors entering their country. The training modules are to be built by LGBT marketing and were set to begin in 2013.

Online Training for Convenience

Since the training is online, there would be no issues for the agents to receive online training. As a starting point, an awareness program has been launched online to help the agents and give them ideas on dealing with incoming customers.

Free of Cost

The best news is that these courses are free of cost, allowing all agents to take advantage of the training. The next step will be the destination-specific course, also online and free of cost, so agents can continue with the second module. This will benefit tourists who love to visit new places.

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