Why Add a Boat Tower?

If you want to purchase a new boat or update an older one, one of the best features you should consider adding is a boat tower. A tower adds both style and function to your boat and there are a variety of styles to choose from to fit any budget. There is also an assortment of tower accessories to make all your boating excursions pleasurable. Here are three tips for buying the right tower.

Tip 1: Ask About Quality and Selection on Towers for New Boats

If you are shopping for an entirely new boat from a manufacturer, you will likely find that most boats come with wakeboard towers. In previous years, an extended pylon tower was traditionally seen on most wakeboard boats as they allowed the wakeboarder to maximize their hang time. Unfortunately, some pylon systems were cumbersome and tended to get in the way since they were set up in the middle of the boat. Thus, the wakeboard tower was invented in the mid-1990s and most manufacturers include them when selling new boats.
When buying a tower for a new boat, be sure to ask what company manufactured it so you can determine the quality. If you are familiar with the wakeboarding scene, you likely have friends or family that can recommend specific brands based on their experience. Most wakeboarders have trusted brands they prefer because they continually offer durable, high-quality products.

You will also want to ask if you have a selection of towers to choose from. Most boat manufacturers will offer you a variety of towers to choose from with options in color, size, shape and more. You will likely be surprised at the variety of towers to choose from and find that you have decisions including how the tower is mounted and what type of accessories can be attached.

Tip 2: Know Your Boat Dimensions When Buying a Tower for an Old Boat

If you are buying a tower for an old boat, one of the best things you can do to ensure a proper fit is determine your boat’s measurements. Resources like Big Air Wake Towers can help you find the right fit. Knowing your boat’s size is a good idea whether you will be purchasing an adjustable or custom-made tower.
When purchasing an after-market tower, most wakeboard tower companies offer adjustable towers that include a size range to help you determine if it will work with your boat. You can also ask a wakeboard company to custom-make a tower for your boat dimensions. Below are some of the advantages of each method:

A custom tower

– Will ensure a proper fit for your boat. – Will likely be more stable because of the exact fit.

An adjustable tower

– Is typically less expensive than a custom tower. – Will be available faster as they are typically in stock.

Tip 3: Consider Wakeboard Tower Racks and Accessories

In addition to finding the right tower for your new or old boat, you will want to consider what type of wakeboard tower racks and accessories you will be able to purchase. Different towers will be able to accommodate varying numbers of wakeboards as well as offer options for speakers, mirrors and lighting.

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